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Date: Tue, 10 May 2011 11:38:25 -0400
From: spider3x3.excite
Subject: POOL TABLE BUDDYThe following story is an erotic work of gay fiction. If you are not of legal
age to read stories of this nature or you are offended by the subject
matter contained here do not read any further.In real life, always play safe.Send any comments to spider3x3excite.com * * * * * * * * * * POOL TABLE BUDDY by TY SHANNON
I sat down at the bar and ordered a drink, and stuffed my hat
into my pocket. It was cold out, with a threat of snow, and on the
spur of the moment I had decided to stop in for one drink and a
quick game of pool. I glanced down the bar, checking out who was there. Most of
them I recognized as regulars, but there were a couple strange
faces. One young man sat at the end of the bar talking with a
girl, and as I studied his face in the dim light he seemed vaguely
familiar. And then, when he laughed at something she said, I caught
a glimpse of braces on his teeth -- which jogged my memory, and
reminded me of a weight-lifter who had spent the night at my place
about 6 months ago. I waited the best loli models
a bit to see if he would unhook from the girl, but
eventually I took my glass and walked underage lolitas preteen nymphets
down young petite lolitas naked
to the end of the bar.
From a closer look I was pretty sure, so I tapped on his shoulder.
When he turned to me, I said, "It's Dan, right?" He smiled and put out his hand, "Yeah. How're you doing?" We shook hands. "Great. I'm Walt." I could tell he
recognized me, but he probably didn't remember my name. "Yeah -- you have a pool table in your lolita cp pedo vixen
basement." "That's teen lolita dark cp
right. The table's empty here -- want to play a
game?" "Sure. I'll be right there." So I went into the back room and put my quarters in, and racked
the balls. Shortly he came back and we shook lolita underage illegal lolita
hands again, and he
said, "I'm glad you came in. That cunt wanted to get fucked and I
was having trouble getting rid of her." I smiled at him, "She's not exactly russian lolita tgp gallery
what you were looking for?" He grinned. "No." We played a couple games of pool, and I watched when he bent
over the pool table, the thick muscles in his legs rippling beneath
his tight jeans. He was about 25 -- a little younger than me --
with closely cut blonde hair. He was neatly dressed, but his bulky
sweater preteen lolita russian sandra
covered his torso -- although I thought I could almost
remember how his well-developed chest looked. We talked some, and
finally I invited him up to my place. He accepted, so we left and
he followed me home in his car. When we got lolita porn top sites
in the house we had a beer and talked some more.
Then I asked, "Do you really want to play pool, or would you like
something more interesting?" He smiled, "I think we could find something more exciting to
do." We both laughed, and then quickly lolitas bbs sex pics
finished our beers and went
upstairs to the bedroom. I turned on the light, and then moved up to him and took him in
my arms. We hugged and kissed, and I let my hands caress down his
back to his waist. I slid the fingers of one hand down inside his
jeans and his shorts, and pulled his warm ass towards me, and at the
same time pressed my crotch against his body. He moaned in his
throat, and slowly ground his hips from side to side against me. I whispered in his ear, "Good to see you, Dan. It's been a
long time." He stepped back and replied, "I know -- too long. I just got
back from California and I was really glad to meet someone I know." When I started to slide my hand up under his sweater and over
his stomach, he quickly stripped the sweater off over his head. He
was wearing a tight tee shirt and lolitas young cuties little
I could now see his bulging
muscles beneath the thin cloth. My cock was starting to get hard as
I looked at his body, and I ran both hands under the shirt and up to
his chest. As I caressed his pecs and his nipples, I told him, "I
see you're still lifting weights." "Sure," he replied, "Once you get into it, it just becomes a
habit." He started to unbutton my shirt so I helped him, and I removed
it while he flipped his tee shirt off. We embraced again, and I
kissed his neck and ran my hands over his back, and felt his warm
skin pressed against my chest. Shortly he stepped back and opened my jeans. He dropped to his
knees before me and slid the pants down on my thighs. Then he
pulled the front of my undershorts down till they rested just
beneath my balls, and my hardening dick was out in the open. He ran
his hand through the hair and caressed my balls, and said, "I
remember this cock. It's beautiful." He stroked it several times and it quickly became rigid in his
hand. Then his head moved forward and his mouth slid smoothly over
it. I closed my eyes and moaned, "OOhhh, Yeah!", as I felt the hot
wetness engulf me. His hands played gently with my ass as he swung
on my big dick. I looked down and watched as it cp and loli pictures
slid easily in and
out of his mouth -- he couldn't take it all, but it felt great! But after a few minutes I wanted to taste him, too, so I
pulled him up to his feet. I kissed him briefly and said, "Come
on, Dan, let's get naked." He smiled and stripped off the rest of
his clothes, and I did the same. Then I pushed him gently down onto legal russian lolita bbs
the bed on his back, and
knelt between his spread legs. Using both free preteen lolita paysites
hands, I played with his
balls and stroked his prick , and watched as drawing lolita bbs jp
it filled out. His
dick wasn't quite as long as mine, but it was nice and fat, and
circumsized,. I stroked the shaft easily and just looked at it --
the pink head and the throbbing veins, and the light brown hair
curling around it. Then I held it still and laved my tongue over it
-- up and down the shaft, around the head, and probing gently lolita bbs top too
at the
slit. But I wanted it -- little lolitas free pics
bad!! So I put my lips together right at
the tip and slowly -- slowly slid my mouth down onto it. He raised
up on his elbows and watched as my mouth stroked on his cock -- up
and down, up and down. But shortly he lay back and moaned, and
thrust easily with his hips to match the motion of my hot mouth. We
were both really getting into it! As I sucked on his dick, my hands played with his muscular body
-- on his smooth thighs, across his tight stomach, over his pecs and
his small nipples. Then I wrapped one hand around his balls and
stretched them gently away from his dick. His chest arched up off
the bed and his breath hissed through his teeth, and he said,
"Yeahhh!! Do that ... but easy." I continued to suck him while my
hand tormented his balls -- tugging and pulling on them, and rolling
them between my fingers, but never too hard. Shortly I slipped off his cock and began licking his balls --
and on his thighs and down between his legs. Then I gently pulled
one of his balls into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. His
hand came down and ran through my hair as he responded, "Yeahhhh!"
So I opened my mouth further and sucked the other one in, and my
mouth was full. I worked my tongue over them as well as I could for a couple
minutes, and then let them slowly slip out. Then I moved back up
and sucked on his rigid dick some more. But after a bit he sat up and said, "Come on up here with me.
You can't have all the fun." So I stood up and then lay down on the
bed next to him, with my head at his crotch and his head in front of
mine. He slid his lower leg forward so my head rested on his
muscular thigh as I took his dick back into my mouth. That was
really nice, since I didn't have to hold my head up any more; so I
moved my leg forward to let him do disney movies lolitas art
the same. We lay there and
sucked each other, slow and deep, for several minutes. At the same time I moved my free hand back to his ass and
played with it -- massaged it and caressed it, and tugged at it, and
worked my fingers across his puckered hole. young lolita model toplist
His mouth was russian lolita models gallery
tight and hot, and his hands worked easily over
my stomach and on my balls as he sucked me. I pulled his ass
towards my face, completely caught up in what we were doing; and
after a while I could feel the sensations building inside of me --
but I didn't want to finish it this soon. So I pulled off and sat
up, and told him, "Turn over, Dan, and let me rub your back." "Sure." He rolled over onto his stomach and rested his head on
his hands. Then I got up on my knees and straddled his legs, and
began to massage his back. As I kneaded his flesh with my fingers,
I could see the solid muscles bulging in his arms and shoulders. My
hard dick was lying in the crack of his ass, and I rubbed it gently
back and forth against him as I continued the massage. My fingers
pulled and pushed, and squeezed and rubbed, as I worked slowly up
and down his back. His ass squirmed against my prick as he
responded, "HHMMMMM. That feels so good." After a while I shifted lower on the bed, forcing his legs
apart, and straddled one leg. "Of course, your ass gets it, too." He smiled, "That's okay. I love it." So I let my hands move
easily over his ass cheeks, and my cock throbbed at the sight. He
had a nice tan on his little loli model pic
back, and his ass cheeks showed a stark white
against the deep brown. They were firm and rounded, with almost no
hair -- just the way I liked it. I had to lolitas 14y o girl
tell him, "That's sexy as hell, Dan -- the white
against your tan. How do you get such a nice tan in the middle of
winter?" "I just got back from California, and I spent a lot of time on
the beach while I was there." "Well, I love the way it looks. It really turns me on." I
began squeezing and mauling his twin globes, and then spread them
apart and fingered his asshole some. He moaned and tensed his
buttocks, and pushed back against me. I chuckled, "Oh, you like
that?" His eyes were closed, but he smiled, "Yeah. You do that real
well." I reached under him and worked his hard dick and balls
downward, so they showed between his legs. As I played with his
ass some more, I asked, "Tell me, Dan, do you like to get fucked?" He hesitated a minute. "Sometimes, but I'm not really into it
tonight. How about some other time?" "Is that a promise?" "Sure." "Good." So I played with his cock a little more, and then
moved upwards and ran my throbbing dick along his crack a few times.
Then I slapped his ass gently. "Roll over again." I raised up a little so he could turn over, and then settled
back down on his thighs. I moved a little higher so that our hard
dicks were rubbing against each other and began to massage his
chest. He raised his arms above his head and little lolita models naked
I could see the
curly hair in his armpits. My hands worked easily on his arms and
chest. He had a small patch of brown hair between his pecs, and I
worked my fingers through the hair and played with his small
nipples. I smiled down at him, "We've got to do this more often than
every 6 months, Dan." He laughed, "You're right." As my hands worked on his chest, I told him, "God, I love to
play with your body. Anything special you'd like me to do?" "You can do anything little nude lolita poohnany
you want with it." I looked at him, "Anything???" He smiled, "Well, almost anything." And we laughed. Then I massaged down across his rippled stomach, and finally
wrapped my hands around both our pricks. As I began to stroke them
together, he looked shy little lolitas stories
down to watch. His hands came down and
caressed over my thighs and ass, and he said, "Hairy legs -- I like
that." Shortly he said, "Here, let me do it." So he took both our
cocks and began to play with them and stroke them. Meanwhile, I
reached up and took one of his nipples between my russian lolita pics galleries
fingers. I played
with it briefly, and then squeezed it and pulled on it gently. His
chest arched x darling nude loli
upwards and he groaned, but he didn't tell me to stop.
So I worked on both nipples -- pulling lil lolas non nude
and tugging and squeezing --
and he responded, "OOOHHH! Yeah!!" lolita thumbnails young bbs
His hand stroked faster on our
throbbing cocks and I could feel my blood getting hotter. But I knew we were getting close, so I asked, "How do you want
to do this, Dan?" "Lets pull each other off." "Sounds lolitas nymphets nude photos
good to me. You want to be on the bottom?" He smiled, "Yeah. I want you to come all over lolitas bbs free galleries
me." I swung over so I was straddling just one leg and could get at
his balls easier, and then began to play with his cock while he
played with mine. After a bit he put some spit on his fingers and
worked it around the head of my prick. I thrust with my hips a
little as he did that, because I liked the sensations. So I asked
him, "Would you like some grease?" "Yeah. Have you got some?" "Sure." free model lolita com
I got off the bed and went over to the dresser, and
got out the jar of grease. I also got a couple towels and tossed
them on the bed, and then sat back down on his thigh. I took some
grease on my finger and wiped it over the head of his cock, and then
swirled my hand around the shaft to get it slicked up good. I got a
little more from the jar, just to be sure. Meanwhile, he was doing
the same to me. Then we began free lolitas gallery preteen
stroking each other again. I squeezed hard with
my hand, and slid it slowly up and down on his hot prick. He
moaned and thrust upwards with his hips, as much as he could, while
his hand worked on me. I smiled down at him, "This sure beats doing it alone." "I know. That's what I probably would have done tonight if
you hadn't been in the bar. "Me, too." And we both laughed. I could feel my blood getting russia yong lolitta teen
hotter, so banned russian lolita hardcore
I stroked a little
faster. lolita romanian gymnast girls
We looked at each other and he asked, "Any particular way
you like it?" "All the way to the bottom and all the way up over the head."
He watched my dick as he did it that way. "How about you?" "Just the way you're doing it." ls island preteen lolita
As I continued to stroke him, I ran my other hand over his
chest and squeezed one nipple, and he responded, "MMMMmmmmm,
Yeah! That gets to lilttle lolitas non nude
me!!" My blood was heating up so I worked his cock faster. He was
breathing heavily and I could see his stomach muscles tighten. But
shortly he grabbed my hand and stopped me, and asked, "How you
doing?" "Getting there. How about you?" "Take it slow. I'm almost there." So I just played easily
with him while he continued to stroke me. But soon the sights were getting to me -- home movie lolita cum
his straining
muscles, the white of his crotch against his dark tan, his rigid
cock in my hand, his handsome face contorted with lust! I felt the
sensations building inside of me so I started stroking him again.
"Come on, Dan, do it! I'm gonna come!!" We stroked faster, and his head thrashed back and forth on the
bed, and he almost yelled, "YEAH!! NOW!!!" He heaved upwards with
his hips, almost lifting me off the bed. I squeezed harder on his
throbbing dick and beat it faster, and pinched his nipple roughly --
and he came!! He spurted out across his chest -- again -- again --
and again!! His come splashed on his body but his hand kept at me,
squeezing and sliding slickly on my hot shaft -- and then with a
loud groan I came, too!! The first load hit non nude ebony lolita
right on his chin!!
And I came -- and came -- preteens dark angels lolitas
and came!! And my jizz splattered on his
chest and abdomen! We stroked each other a little more and then we stopped,
exhausted, and just rested. He got a big grin on his face, free nn lolita pics
"Wild shit, Walt!! Lots
better than doing it myself!" I laughed, "You got that right!" He looked down at his chest and used his hand to smear our
mixed come lolita model pics nude
all over his flesh. I smiled, and with one finger I
wiped the come off his chin and smeared it on one of his nipples. He looked back up at me, "I'm a mess." "Oh, well. That's what happens when you're on the lolitas studio paysites portal
top 10 lolita freesite
bottom." He laughed, "I know. But I love it." I picked up one of the towels and under yo teen loli
wiped off his softening dick,
and then wiped up his chest and stomach. Then preteen lolita angel nymphet
I rolled off and
lay down index young sex lolita
beside him, and used the other towel to clean up my cock
and my hand. He lit up a cigarette, and we lay there and talked for a
while. He told me about his 5 months in California, and we
explored some common interests. But finally I said, "You know, Dan, it's pretty late. Would
you like to spend the night?" He thought about that for a minute and replied, "I really
ought to get back to my place -- but I'd rather stay here with you.
You sure it's young nude lolitas pics
okay?" "Sure. I wouldn't have asked you if it wasn't." "I just have to be at work at 8 in the morning. Can shy preteen lolita pics
you set
your alarm clock?" "Sure." So we went into the bathroom and cleaned up. I set the alarm
clock for him, and then turned out the light and we climbed into
bed. He rolled over on his side and I snuggled up against his back,
with my arm draped over his chest. As I dozed off, I was hoping I
would see a lot more of him.

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